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I think the content creators roundtable was very eye opening and an overdue but necessary conversation to have.

Problems that even I as casual player was noticing was being talked about and I'm glad it is. I think the community needed this: a roundtable where wiztubers and players can talk freely about their problems with this game without devs ignoring what's wrong.

Players have been voicing their complaints about this game with KingsIsle/Gamigo putting their fingers in their ears going "Lalalalalala perfect game, nothing wrong."😊

The more I listened to that phone call, the more you realize just how bad a lot of things in this game are sometimes. Like holes in the wall of a house being patched up with duc-tape.

Here are a list of problems I was jotting down while watching those streams. And some of these problems have problems within themselves:

- Petmaking is literally insane.

*No way to re-roll pet talents

*Expensive right of the bat.

- Little to no catering to casual players or new characters.

- Players not feeling like their time is being respected or incentivized; like their time and money are being wasted.

* Predatory monetization

* No pity system for packs

* Meta gear being locked behind packs

* VERY Pay To Win

-Gamigo's shady history of buying out gaming companies, squeezing as much money as they can from player and abandoning them.

- No casual PVP

*PVP implementations effecting PVE

* No low level pvp

- Cards being to hard to understand for new players

- Archmastery effecting the casting of other players in your team.

- Unlocking spellements for a certain path just for the card to get changed again. Speaking of...

*Cards changing over and over and over and over and over bc they don't know what they're doing.

- There is STILL a paywall/membership fee in 2024.

- Impossible to get gold keys

- Cool and interested new ideas being implemented POORLY.

- Lack of School Identity

- The game straight up breaking over and over again.

- No new side worlds

-Since the community is so niche, toxicity stuck out like a sore thumb. Cheaters, snipers, racists, all the ists and isms are waaay to noticable.

-No Roadmap for content

-A lack of Transparency from KingsIsle

One thing Ultimate Speedster brought up was how player's time/money is valued by comparing Wiz to other mmos like Genshin and Honkai.

Everytime you explore a new area you get primogems. Everytime there's an update: primogems, Side quests?: primogems, daily tasks?: Primogems. You spend money on a character banner, there's a pity system to help you get the item/character you actually want.

Wizard 101 could implement something similar for crowns and items! They are so slow to modernizing this game! Names and gender changing took 14 years to arrive. That color palette thing that was leaked is still not in the game. What are they even DOING with our money?!?!

This company and game demands so much of our time and money without listening and have the audacity to ignore things players have been saying for years? Meanwhile this game is not mainstream and there are other games people can go play? KI/Gamigo can miss me with their BS.

I think the Glassdoor reviews on KigsIsle also speak volumes. Multiple people who work there have stated that things players want implemented are ACTIVELY being ignored by higher ups and if spoken about will get you FIRED! Even THEY believe it's a sinking ship.

I think this conversation is so important because these are things people have been saying for years, and people love this game.

It's been around 15 years and has a dedicated fan base. If they don't listen, it only looks bad on KI's part (higher-ups) not the creatives, and if this game crashes and burns it will be KI/Gamigo's fault.

I know it's not the dev teams faults and I love them so much. I just hate that I feel like my favorite game is being held hostage by greedy corporate higher-ups. I want a private server/remake of Wiz similar to Toontown Revamp.

The creators where thinking about boycotting if things don't change and honestly I think they and the rest of us should do it bc companies don't listen until you hit their pockets. This game is niche with a small dedicated fanbase. With many people wanting to leave and few people coming in, you have much more power than you think.

Please go watch the stream(s) from these amazing creators if you haven't yet. They care about this game just as much as we do:

Wizard101: Content Creator RoundTable!Wiztubers:youtube.com/@hjjofficialhttps://www.youtube.com/@seastorm1052https://www.youtube.com/@faerie

donation link! https://streamlabs.com/dairyqueens/tipmerch store! https://faeriequeens.com/join the discord! https://discord.gg/faeriequeens

'Shadowbound' on Amazon: https://a.co/d/h3yMHFe'Shadowbound' first chapter sneak peek: https://stormshorts.substack.com/p/shadowbound-first-

@jackie-whisperwind - Tumblr Blog | Tumlook (2024)


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