Pixels Game Guide: How to Play Pixels Game in 2023 and Beyond (2024)

So you’ve heard of this latest fad in the NFT scene – Pixels. Now, you’re looking for a Pixels game guide to get a piece of the action.

Started as a Web3 farming game, Pixel eventually grew as a massive online community with decentralized digital governance. Players can own land plots, NFT characters, and accomplish game quests as they explore the fascinating 8-bit arcade backdrop.

In this article, we provide you a thorough Pixel game guide so you can embark on your journey to its electrifying metaverse.

What is Pixels?

Pixels is a free-to-play, play-to-earn MMO game where players can engage in a laid-back but thrilling blockchain farming and own NFTs in the form of in-game land plots and characters. It is currently in the Ronin blockchain offering seamless virtual gaming experience to thousands of players worldwide.

The developers behind Pixels aspire to create a blockchain-based MMO game inspired by Runescape. For this reason, farming is a staple in-game skill that every player should master to ace it. Aside from this skill, players can also engage in constructing buildings, crafting items, and raising pets.

To acquire Pixels’ rewards and benefits, you must connect a MetaMask or a Ronin account to your account. Without this connection, you can’t claim every Pixels’ benefit available.

How To Play Pixels: Complete Pixels Game Guide

Hyped up to start your Pixels journey? We’ve got you! In this section, we discuss how to play this astounding NFT game.

Getting Started

You need an active email or a phone number to sign up for Pixels and start playing. There’s no registration cost or whatever charges to start exploring the metaverse.

But to unlock the potential to earn real money on this platform, it is necessary to link a Ronin or MetaMask wallet to your Pixels account. If you opt to play without a MetaMask account, just click Continue as Guest (your game progress won’t be saved with this option though).

Once your account is up, it’s time to explore the bustling town of Terra Villa. This is the place where your exploration of the vast game metaverse commences. To move within the game environment, use the W, A, S, and D keys.

What Can I Do in Pixels?

You’ll never run out of exciting stuff to do in Pixels. As of this writing, here are the activities available in the game:

1. Farming and Land Ownership: Your land is a personalized NFT where you can breed animals and raise crops.

As a new player, it’s important to be familiar with the game’s land types. These land classifications allow players of different preferences to enjoy the game:

  • Specks or Free Plots: These are the main entry points of Pixel newbies. Owning these free plots helps you kickstart your journey in this game. Returns from this land is modest though.
  • Owned Plots: This is the best type of land if you desire full autonomy in the game.
  • Rented Plots: Provide better yields as compared to free plots. If you have insufficient funds to officially own land, you can rent another player’s land to gain experience and capital.

2. Accomplish Quests: Mayor Dave of Terra Villa is the one you have to talk to to perform Pixels’ daily quests. A reward awaits you upon completion of a quest. The problem is – Mayor Dave is not always in the city hall and you need some extra effort to find the guy.

3. Resource Gathering and Item Crafting: Woods, animals, and crops are the primary resources in the game. There are also rare resources that are highly valued. You can also craft items using these resources.

4. Build Infrastructure: You can erect buildings on your land and customize them according to your needs or preferences.

5. Collect Pets: Pixel pets are another way to own NFT in this game. It requires the construction of a growth lab and potions to breed pets.

Aside from the aforementioned activities, you should also interact with Pixel’s Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in the area so you can unlock additional quests that will lead you to more rewards.

Can You Earn in Pixels?

Yes, Pixels is a play-to-earn game so you can definitely earn real money here. $BERRY is the primary in-game token that you can use to purchase items, upgrades, and other in-game resources. Owning plots of land and finishing quests can help you earn $BERRIES that you can trade for fiat money.

Another Pixel digital currency you should pay attention to is the $PIXEL currency. You can use this to acquire items to perform better in the game.

Note that there are three classes of valuable assets in Pixels: Land, Tokens, and Resources. They are stored on the blockchain ecosystem of the platform.

You can also grab some rewards by sharing this game to your friends through Pixel’s Friend Referral promo.

We understand that some of you might be skeptical of this game. After all, rug-pull rascal developers are not so uncommon in the NFT scene.

But don’t worry, folks, Pixels has a strong financial foundation. In fact, it received a whopping $2.4 million fund investment from various big-time names such as Animoca Brands, Leonis Capital, PKO Investments, and more.

Pixel Game Guide: NFT Integration Overview

There are a great deal of NFTs that you can use as an avatar in Pixels. Again, these NFT-based avatars are yours once you purchase them. Pixels is dedicated to releasing NFT avatars on a weekly basis.

So Should You Play Pixels?

We can’t deny that there’s now a growing number of blockchain-based P2E games. For this reason, it can be a pain in the ass to find the perfect game that’s worth your time, effort, and investment.

With its sound game ecosystem and intuitive gameplay mechanics, Pixels is definitely worth the shot for players who want a laid-back gaming venture as they earn on the side.

If you wish to learn more about this amazing game, join Pixels official discord channel or follow them on X (formerly Twitter).

Pixels Game Guide: How to Play Pixels Game in 2023 and Beyond (2024)


What to do in Pixels game? ›

Players are given ONE avatar to farm resources, cook food, buy/sell/trade goods, own their own plots of FARM LAND, own their own Pixels Pets NFTs, etc. There are also community building features which can be found from their recently launched Version 1 of the Guild System.

How to start on pixel NFT? ›

- Visit the official website of the game and click on the "Play For Free" button. - You will be redirected to the game portal, where you can create an account using your email or sign in with your existing web3 wallet (such as MetaMask, Ronin, Coinbase Wallet, etc.).

How to make money with Pixels game? ›

- **Selling Items:** Land, tools, and animals can be sold to other players. - **Completing Quests:** Earn digital coins through in-game quests. - **Participating in Events:** Valuable prizes can be won in organized events. - **Mining:** Use computers to mine Pixels cryptocurrencies.

What is the pixels game? ›

Pixels (PIXEL) is a social casual web3 game powered by the Ronin Network, It involves a mesmerizing open-world game that revolves around farming, exploration, and creation.

How to get wood in Pixels game? ›

As a budding forester, you'll need to spot the trees with X's spray painted on them. These marked trees signify that you have permission to chop them down. Navigate through the virtual landscapes and keep an eye out for these distinctive markings. Once you locate a marked tree, it's time to swing your axe into action.

How to get grumpkin in Pixels? ›

Once you've fit Level 8, head to Buck's Galore in Terra Villa Central. Chat with Hazel and buy some seeds! Once you've secured the seeds, head to a farm to begin planting. Grumpkins need to be watered twice: once when you've first planted, and again at the 90min mark.

How to join guild in Pixels? ›

Player Guilds are now fully active in Pixels. Anyone can pay a fee to create a Guild. Players who want to join a Guild can do so by purchasing a Guild Shard. These Shards function on a bonding curve, meaning that as more are purchased, the price goes up.

How to get energy in Pixels? ›

Restoring Energy

Visit a sauna, indulge in nourishing food and beverages, join energy parties, and explore additional avenues to restore your vitality. These activities will infuse your character with renewed vigor, allowing you to continue your adventures with zeal.

How difficult is it to make a pixel game? ›

As you can already imagine, creating a pixel game is not easy. It takes time, skill, and a lot of hard work to make one that is both visually appealing and enjoyable to play. If you find yourself stuck at any point in the process, you may want to consider hiring a freelance pixel artist and game developer.

Is pixels free-to-play? ›

Do I need to pay anything to play Pixels? Nope! Pixels is free-to-play. However, users may purchase VIP passes to enable features.

Is there anything inappropriate in pixels? ›

Nudity and sexual activity

There is some sexual activity in Pixels, including when Sam tries to make out with Violet. She rejects him at first, but they kiss later on.

Is pixel good for gaming? ›

But still it a very good phone for gaming. You can play PUBG Mobile in HD graphics settings with High frame rate and also you can play small games with ease.


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